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We are doing Blastocyst transfer and results improved to 65 % implantation rate

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New Facilities in Molecular and Cyto-gentics

Dear Friends
It is of immense joy and pleasure to announce that ,I have started Fully automated real time PCR and Automated Karyotyping.
This Is possible only because of your help and affection towards me.
• Real time PCR is from Cephid ,France with automated DNA extractor from PSS,Japan.
• SripAssay technology from ViennaLab,Austria. It is reverse hybridization technology of biotinylated PCR products, and has a wide range of application in disease and mutation diagnosis
• Automated Karyotype is Cytovision 7.2 software with Leica DM 2500 advance microscopy from Germany.
• We do hormonal assays on daily basis by fluorescent -immunoassay by VIDAS ,France.
These all equipments and software are state of the art in nature and very rare under one roof ,anywhere in India.
Along with doing successful Embryology with our test tube baby(IVF) project ,I continued my strive towards advance pathology and molecular genetics and reached to this stage which I dreamt in my younger days.
Longing for your further support and co-operation.
With Warm regards

Dr.Mrs.Rinku Banerji
Consultant pathologist and Embryologist
Ideal Fertility : ICSI/IVF and Genetic Center
1st Floor,Deshbandhu Complex,Naudra Bridge
Jabalpur MP 482001
Ph : + 91 761 2627711

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