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We are doing Blastocyst transfer and results improved to 65 % implantation rate

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  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Frozen thawed oocytes

    ICSI, Frozen thawed oocyte Since its advent in 1992, ICSI has become used routinely in the vast majority of IVF units and has been found to be a safe and effective means of treating male factor infertility. ICSI has proven to a powerful tool in overcoming severe male factor cases which, prior to ICSI, treated [...]


Interesting situation in IVF treatement

I got one couple, Husband 52 yrs and wife( A) 48 yrs,she had tubal block and trated but no pregnancy. The persong married another lady( B) ( accompaning them),this woman is of 32 yrs .

They come to me for testtube baby procedure, using the eggs of (B). But he B is suffering from Polycystic ovarian disease and hirsute. Chances of pregnancy is usually less in Poly cystic Ovarian disease( PCOD), but we get good number of eggs.

A is without periods but having good uterus,but not willing to undergo any sort of treatment as she was frustrated by earlier treatment

I convinced them that I will use both A and B’s uterus for embryo transfer.

So retrieved eggs of B and made 4 blstocysts

We transferred two in each on 16.1.2011

Let us see what happens…….

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