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Wish to become a Bridge between Biotech Students and Industry

I wish to become a bridge between the students of biotechnology and the Industry. It is my experience that the students who complete their graduation and post graduation donot understand how to apply their knowledge in practical way. I mean to say they are unable to show their potential at the interviews they face at the entry of their carrier. It creats an atmosphere of frustration amongst them. I did this course earlier but stopped it due to some reason. Now I got a reaserch trainee with me she is a bright girl ,Ms.Roopsi Bhatia M.Sc.biotech. When I interacted with her she insisted me to start this course again.

But I want to have a small session ( a lecture ) with students directly,to motivate them and tell them that they are full of knowledge and if they are finished properly,they may be a big asset to our society and they become valuable to industries and can have a better package and salary.

One of my previous student scaled quite high and now a gentic counselor in USA.

Roopsi is meeting the academic heads to convince them to give me a slot in their institution to interact with their biotech students.

One good thing happened : the faculties called me and they shown their interest to join my course.

One of my firsrt batch student was a head of the department of Govt.Sc.College Jabalpur. 

But I need to talk with the students……. 

My course details are available at my site. or



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