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    ICSI, Frozen thawed oocyte Since its advent in 1992, ICSI has become used routinely in the vast majority of IVF units and has been found to be a safe and effective means of treating male factor infertility. ICSI has proven to a powerful tool in overcoming severe male factor cases which, prior to ICSI, treated [...]


The true ART : How to deliver best patient care

Dr.D’Pankar Banerji MS (ObGy)
Consulting Gyn and IVF specialist
Ideal Fertility:ICSI,IVF and Genetic Center
1st Floor,Deshbandhu complex,Naudra Bridge
Jabalpur MP India


ART or the assisted reproductive technology is a term used for the procedure carried out to the couples who are failed to reproduce on their own ,through a natural mating. It comprises of artificial insemination, intra-uterine insemination and ICSI-IVF.

To provide any treatment to any infertile couple, their should be a logic for that particular treatment. Indiscriminate treatments leads to a great stress, both psychologically and financially.

For that , their should be a streamlined approach to find out the reason or etiology of the infertility. In the past , couple would undergo an exhaustive and lengthy infertility evaluations that could last for months. The battery of diagnostic tests included multiple semen analyses, several blood tests, a hysterosalpingogram(HSG), BBT charts, endometrial biopsies, postcoital  test, various immune tests on cervical mucus and/or sperm and a laparoscopy. Some of these procedures were not only painful and invasive but results were inconclusive so they had to be repeated frequently, thus prolonging the time of the workup and its associated discomforts and risks. Most of these tests are now considered unreliable and in retrospect waste of time. Today , the infertility evaluation is streamlined and essentially encompasses only three basic tests : a cycle day 3 FSH/E2 or AMH, hysterosalpingogram, and semen analysis along with a thorough transvaginal sonography.

On the treatment part : the couple should be offered with an overview of all treatment options from the most conservative to the most aggressive. The level s of the treatment depend on the condition and the cause of infertility. The level one is with oral medication, with or without IUI, level two is with injectable medications ( gonadotropins) with or without IUI and the third is ICSI-IVF.

There should be direct interaction with the couple with the physician, as fertility treatment is very stressful. We should be honest with the patients with their chances of success. Doing IVF-ICSI in big batches should be avoided in small set-up as physician can not do justice with the patients due to various reasons. IVF  treatment is team effort and success depends on their quality too. The patient drop out is common due to psychological stress, hence the  whole team should handle them very sensitively

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