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DNA Extraction from Chorionic Villi

Day 1:

Today I did something more than just DNA isolation. I am saying so because the sample that had to be processed was new for me. It was chorionic villi sample sent to me in a tray containing RPMI media.

As it goes for DNA extraction from tissues, I had to wash it with normal saline several times but I was perplexed how to clear this foetal tissue from any maternal cell contamination so I increased the number of washes for tissue extraction buffer. Later I was told that the tissue sent was already viewed under the dissecting microscope and so I can carry out the same protocol as done for other tissues.

Though the instructions given made my work easy, yet I didn’t like the very first step: tissue disintegration (reminds of making chutney that I would never ever wish to relish). Ewww… The rest of the protocol was only washing with different buffers, centrifugation and so on. Finally I collected 100µl of my target material (DNA) in a 1.5ml vial.

Next step was Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. It was nice to see the orange bands (under UV rays) running through the gel, thus finally confirming that DNA was well extracted!


Roopsi Bhatia

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