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We are doing Blastocyst transfer and results improved to 65 % implantation rate

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  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Frozen thawed oocytes

    ICSI, Frozen thawed oocyte Since its advent in 1992, ICSI has become used routinely in the vast majority of IVF units and has been found to be a safe and effective means of treating male factor infertility. ICSI has proven to a powerful tool in overcoming severe male factor cases which, prior to ICSI, treated [...]


Bridge course on Biotechnology

Bridge course batchBridge course on Biotechnology was from 3rd Jan 2013 to 13th jan 2013.
It was attended by faculties from Govt.Science college Jabalpur,Govt Science college Sehora,and Wardha Medical college
All the participants were well learned .
1. Dr.Ankita Bohare 9425324001
2. Dr.Shampa Jain 9827223729
3. Dr.Veena Chaoubey
4. Dr.Archana Bajpai 9425384042

They all are from Govt.Sc.College Jabalpur
1 Dr.aruna Pandey from Sehora

Dr. Brij raj Singh from Wardha Medical College ,9595748874
It was a fantastic interaction

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