The method is used to diagnose thalessemia major or sickle cell disease, when the baby is still in the mother's womb. At 10 to 12 weeks tissue sampling is carried out using chronic villi biopsy or by amniocentesis at 11-14 weeks after. As the baby is in-utero the analysis of tissue aids in diagnosis done by DNA PCR method. This is a sophisticated method accuracy is 98-99 %.

Prenatal testing also is done to find other disease in the fetus. The aim of prenatal diagnosis is to discover birth defects, syndromes and genetic deficiencies. Prenatal testing can be invasive or non invasive. This enables medical treatment of any birth defects timely or for preparation of treatment of any malady later on.

In our centre we are using 4-D sonography machine to do the Prenatal targeted sonography to see various birth defects.

Use of color doppler helps us to identify any unborn baby who is in danger and a immediate evacuation is required at the time or before the expected date of delivery.

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